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We develop on multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone. Really we know how to leverage mobile technology, giving users the experience and unique tools to achieve more successful applications.

Responsive, Store, Startup, Web

Custom Heats, Custom store.


CustomHeats client wanted a full website to sell hot sauces with recipe customizable on the website, shipping only available for US and Canada. The requirement was making an easy and friendly recipe creator for the hot sauces. Manage their shopping and invoices. 

How we did

We did a full website very with an industrial, rustic restaurant design performance. We use Joomla 3.x and custom scripts and design for this project. We implement here Helix 3 framework, font awesome icons, HTML5, basic SEO, basic dynamic open graph, Paypal API, Jquery and reCaptcha.


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3071 Southwest 12th Street, Miami, Florida, EE. UU.


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Cdla. Garzota, Mz 94, villa 2, Guayaquil.

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Torre Chacao, av. Fco. de Miranda, Chacao, Caracas.